Root Samsung Vibrant/Captivate In A Single Click

Last week we told you about an application which lets you root the Motorola Droid X in just a single click. Now, TGA_gunnman over at XDA-Developers has developed an application which allows Samsung Captivate users toSamsung Galaxy S root their handset in a single click. The application offers the ability to both root and un-root the phone in just a single clock.

The Samsung Captivate is the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S. The application will work on any firmware for the Captivate, but only on an Android 2.1 based ROM. Here is the link to the thread. Another version of the application is also available for the Samsung Vibrant. However, none of the application will work for the European version of the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Fascinate.

Hopefully, the developer will soon release an updated version of the application which will allow users to root the Fascinate and the Galaxy S in just a single click.

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Rajesh Pandey

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  • TGA_Gunnman

    One Click has been released for the Galaxy S I9000 Euro.

    it roots and unroots 2.1 and will root 2.2 JP2 and below

  • TGA_Gunnman

    when the Fascinate is released I will release the app for it.

    • dance pony

      its out. how long for the one touch root??? all that force push garbage confuses the hell outta me

  • Dan Sullivan

    I had a Samsung vibrant and rooted it without a computer with the help of xda. Now I have the same phone only it’s 4g. I have followed all the instructions but have been unable to gain root access even with a computer. I have a feeling it has to do with the drivers. Anyone who may have any afvice, I would very much appteciate it.