Root Motorola Droid X With One Click

The Motorola Droid X was released on 15 July. Before its release, there was a lot of discussion about the eFuse technology which locked down its bootloader and bricked the phone if you tried to root it. However, soon after its launch, the Droid X was already rooted by birdman of the Droid X Forums. It was an easy method but had too many steps which involved using and setting up ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) and running a lot of commands in the ADB console which scared off newbies.

For those who still haven’t rooted their Droid X, Sil3ntKi113 of the All Droid forums has released a free GUI tool which roots your Droid X with just one click.

Just download the DroidXRoot GUI tool from GUI DroidXRoot and extract all the files to your desktop.

Connect your Droid X to your PC and enable USB Debugging from System > Applications > Development on your phone.

Droid X Root Tool GUI

Click on the “Root Me :)” button to root your Droid X.
Note: The tool requires .NET Framework 3.5 which comes with Windows 7 and Vista by default. If youa re using Windows XP, download .NET Framework 3.5 here

Source: All Droid Forums

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  • KCasey

    So does that mean I can easily boot LiNux using droid? I'm a newbie. Can someone explain some stuff to me?

  • scoot

    i have done it all and got the root sucefull but still cant run root programs any off them say i have no root. downloaded the overclocker for them the new one just out and it says no root.

  • Tyler


  • robert

    hey i got through the root process and it all worked fine but i still cant delete any of the stock phone apps help anyone please???

    • tecnorata

      use the app Root Explorer

  • Dan’o

    Not working… I have tried this until I am blue in the face! It will NOT take the root… have tried about 50 times. Do I unroot after every attempt? When do I hit the CONTINUE and BLUETOOTH buttons? Am I missing some files to make this happen and if so what files are needed? Please be more specific.

    • billy

      I am with you i have done this till i give up if you figure it out please let me know by emailing [email protected]

  • Satya

    Does it work on any Droid or only on Droid-X? I have a regular “Droid” model with “Version” 2.2.1 and Kernel Version and “Build number” FRG83. Will this rooting download version work for me?

    • mikron24

      Hey everybody dont be confused with rooting droid x
      as long as you follow steps it means you have super user installed
      you can download root programs in market only

      also once your rooted (*****do a naindroid backup***)

      only after doing root and then backup find a rom you wish to install

      install that and that will remove all the bloat ware

  • Gage

    Can I do this using a macbook pro, or is it just Microsoft compatible?

  • curtis

    this is crap, don’t work AT ALL and can’t get the tool folder off my laptop now. Thanx for the permanent folder

  • theodore

    Does this rooter work with gingerbread?