Root Motorola Droid X With One Click

The Motorola Droid X was released on 15 July. Before its release, there was a lot of discussion about the eFuse technology which locked down its bootloader and bricked the phone if you tried to root it. However, soon after its launch, the Droid X was already rooted by birdman of the Droid X Forums. It was an easy method but had too many steps which involved using and setting up ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) and running a lot of commands in the ADB console which scared off newbies.

For those who still haven’t rooted their Droid X, Sil3ntKi113 of the All Droid forums has released a free GUI tool which roots your Droid X with just one click.

Just download the DroidXRoot GUI tool from GUI DroidXRoot and extract all the files to your desktop.

Connect your Droid X to your PC and enable USB Debugging from System > Applications > Development on your phone.

Droid X Root Tool GUI

Click on the “Root Me :)” button to root your Droid X.
Note: The tool requires .NET Framework 3.5 which comes with Windows 7 and Vista by default. If youa re using Windows XP, download .NET Framework 3.5 here

Source: All Droid Forums

12 thoughts on “Root Motorola Droid X With One Click”

  1. i have done it all and got the root sucefull but still cant run root programs any off them say i have no root. downloaded the overclocker for them the new one just out and it says no root.

  2. hey i got through the root process and it all worked fine but i still cant delete any of the stock phone apps help anyone please???

  3. Not working… I have tried this until I am blue in the face! It will NOT take the root… have tried about 50 times. Do I unroot after every attempt? When do I hit the CONTINUE and BLUETOOTH buttons? Am I missing some files to make this happen and if so what files are needed? Please be more specific.

  4. Does it work on any Droid or only on Droid-X? I have a regular “Droid” model with “Version” 2.2.1 and Kernel Version and “Build number” FRG83. Will this rooting download version work for me?

    1. Hey everybody dont be confused with rooting droid x
      as long as you follow steps it means you have super user installed
      you can download root programs in market only

      also once your rooted (*****do a naindroid backup***)

      only after doing root and then backup find a rom you wish to install

      install that and that will remove all the bloat ware

  5. this is crap, don’t work AT ALL and can’t get the tool folder off my laptop now. Thanx for the permanent folder

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