Root and Unlock Nexus One [Video Tutorial]

Root and Unlock Nexus One [Video Tutorial]

The folks behind Android and me, definitely know Android very well. Even before the masses have gotten hold of the new baby from Google, Android and me has already rooted and unlocked the .

There are some important things you will need to perform before rooting the Nexus One, these include:

  • Installing the USB drivers for Nexus One which can be downloaded from Google or XDA
  • Confirm your device is recognized by ADB. See CyanogenMod Wiki or XDA for help
  • Backup all your interesting data from the phone

Once you have done that, watch the video below to learn how to root and unlock your Nexus One phone.

For complete step by step instructions on rooting Android and Nexus One, head over to this article on Android and me.

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  • Josh Holder

    Will rooting my Nexus One allow me to use SIM cards for carriers other than TMobile? Thnx..

    • @Josh – If you unlock the phone, yes you will be able to use it with a different provider.

  • Neil

    Hi, I am waiting for my N1 which will be delivered to me in the next few days. What does this mean for me if the phone can be used in my region? Does this rooting procedure have any other benefit?

  • Neil

    Hi, my N1 should be delivered to me in the next few days. If my phone is already unlockec for us in my part of the world; Singapore. Does the rooting procedure have any benefit for pple like me?

  • I'll save this for future. For now Nexus One is not sold for my country. :(

  • A new root has been developed for the Nexus one that keeps the bootloader locked – essentially keeping your warranty in tact. This is a must see for any user that was previously forced to choose between keeping their warranty and receiving the benefits of rooting their device. You can read more here: