BlackBerry 6 Revealed – More Sneak Peek BlackBerry Videos

BlackBerry 6 Revealed – More Sneak Peek BlackBerry Videos

A few months ago some BlackBerry 6 images were leaked which displayed a new interface for one of the most famous phones. Back in April RIM also revealed the BlackBerry 6 through some Sneak Peek videos. Now almost 3 months down the line they have released another set of Sneak Peek reviews of BlackBerry 6.

Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the popular BlackBerry devices have unveiled a new video revealing BlackBerry 6 to the world. The video which was officially posted on the BlackBerry blog, shows a sneak peek into BlackBerry 6, and it is nothing like the earlier versions of BlackBerry users have been used to.

BlackBerry 6 will be released this Summer has features such as Universal Search, Enhanced Media Interface, Social networking feeds from sites like and , a new visual and fluid interface, BlackBerry Messenger with ability to share pictures and videos, Simultaneous postings to multiple social networking sites, Richer web browser and more.

The new features are definitely pretty exciting and the fact that BlackBerry 6 will be released in next few weeks will make users even more excited about it. Excited? Watch The Sneak Peek video of BlackBerry 6 embedded below to see what you can expect in few weeks.

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