Rhapsody To Come On iPhone

Realnetworks has submitted online music streaming application on iPhone to app store. The Rhapsody iPhone app lets subscribers who pay $15 a month to listen to any song in its 8 million song catalog, streamed over a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

To enjoy the huge song database you will have to subscribe to their service currently priced at $14.99 per month while users who do not want to register might enjoy the app for a limited period of time.

However, it is to be seen if Apple approves the application cause Apple has a bad history of rejecting music subscription software like Napster which competes with Apple’s own service iTunes.

Apple had reacted to the Realnetworks in 2004, when they released technology intended to bypass Apple’s music copyright protection so that it could sell protected music that could be played on the iPod. So its dubious that Apple will approve the app this time either.

But considering the recent FCC drama over Apple rejecting Google voice on iPhone, there is a hope that Apple might consider the application.

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