REVIEW: Opera 10 Beta for Nokia Smartphones released!

Opera has announced the release of Opera for Mobile 10 Beta today. The previous version was Opera Mini 5, which is also being developed for Android phones.


Opera 10 Beta retains the looks of Opera Mini 5 Beta and also supports Turbo mode to save money. The app work seamlessly  on  Nokia 5800 XpressMusic which has a touch screen UI.

Nokia 5800 is widely known for its low RAM, however, I did not see problems even after running the Opera app for 30 minutes. In fact, Opera 10 Beta used up almost every bit of RAM, but surprising it did not affect the browsing experience.


Opera 10 gives you a lot of options to suit your browsing needs. I decided to turn on the Turbo mode and browse the web. With turbo mode on, the browsing seemed much faster. Like Opera Mini 5, this version also supports tabbed browsing. Other features include Speed dial, password manager and a option to block Pop-ups.

OperaMobile10-beta operamobile10-beta-6

Browsing, as I mentioned earlier, is lightening fast, as I had turned the turbo mode ON. To experiment with Turbo mode, I changed the browser settings to disable images. With this setting on I visited web pages I had visited earlier, and found that it loaded the images from the cache, which is quite cool. Once the page loads, you can tap it twice to zoom in to the page, if you haven’t turned the mobile view on.

Somehow typing on Opera Mobile 10 Beta is as horrendous as it was on OperaMini 5 Beta. However, it should only concern you if you are using a touch screen enabled mobile, which does not come with a physical qwerty or keyboard.

OperaMobile10 OperaMobile10-beta1 OperaMobile10-beta-2 operamobile10-beta-5

I was expecting Opera Mobile 10 to have flash support considering that the browser has a whooping  4MB installer, but then it disappoints me again.

What we like:

  1. Sleek design.
  2. Caching the images.
  3. Tabbed browsing.
  4. Does not slow down the device.

What we don’t like:

  1. Huge 4MB installer.
  2. No flash support.
  3. RAM hogger.
  4. Onscreen keyboard is horrible on touch devices.


Techie-buzz highly recommends you to download Opera Mobile 10 Beta if you want full browsing experience on your Nokia Symbian device. Download Opera 10 Beta from official Opera site.

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