Resco Pocket Radio 2.0 For Windows Phone Released

Resco, a supplier of Windows phone applications, released a new version of Resco Pocket Radio 2.0, follower of a popular radio application with new graphical and handling components designed mainly to make work with the program easier and more comfortable. Resco Pocket Radio is a player and recorder providing endless streaming radio broadcasting, perfect for those who can’t live without a radio at their fingertips.

You can connect your Bluetooth headset to listen music. Since the last version, Resco have had some serious graphical re-design.

Radio_01 Radio_02 Radio_03

Changes will certainly be appreciated by users who enjoy touch-friendly interfacesaid Marcel Å affa, Resco product manager. We tried to bring things that would make work with the program much easier and that would improve navigation among the radio stations. We believe users will accept all the improvements with highly positive reactions.

New Features include:

Touch-friendly Radio List
The list of radio stations has been converted into touch-optimized interface. Each musical genre includes a number in parentheses indicating how many stations belong to the category.
Letter Bar Included
As you select from a broad list of musical styles, the letter bar improves your navigation and saves time.
Streaming Quality Icons
The streaming quality is denoted by icons in three colors (weak quality=red, mid-quality=orange, good quality=green).

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