[Rant] Android 6.0 Will Be Known As Key Lime Pie? WOW! What Features Does It Have?

This last weekend, while majority of the people were lazing around or enjoying with their family, some random dude on this planet learnt the name of a new dessert, Key Lime Pie. That random dude also knew about the naming scheme which Google uses to name the new versions of Android, and figured out that Android 6.0 will be known as Key Lime Pie, since its the only dessert starting with the letter K.

Now, this random guy published this his random Key Lime Pie thought on Reddit, which was then picked up by the almighty Verge, and since then every other blog on the Internet has been carrying out a news about this. The news has been varying from every blog to blog, with some blogs carrying the news as rumor, while some simply saying that Android 6.0 Key Lime Pie will be released next year.

I understand rumors are a major part of the tech industry, but you cannot simply believe every rumor out there. This random dude just said that one of the versions of Android will be named Key Lime Pie, and all the blogs on the Internet have made it a rumor and posted it as news. Also, Android 6.0? Oh! wow! How did you guys come up with Android 6.0? Just because Ice Cream Sandwich was Android 4.0, you people assumed that Jelly Bean will be Android 5.0 and Key Lime Pie will be Android 6.0? Heck! Did not Google say that it does not decide a version number of Android until a few days before its announcement?

So yeah, I am starting another rumor here, Android 7.0 will be released sometime in 2014 along with a new Nexus handset. This new version of Android will feature some amazing new features, about which I cannot talk right now since my source has told me not to. However, keep reading Techie-Buzz and I promise that sooner or later I will publish some exclusive details of Android 7.0.


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