How To Quickly Access Camera in iOS5 From Lock Screen

Apple recently released the latest and probably the best iteration of iOS to , and users. If you haven’t updated yet to iOS5 you can find direct download links for iOS5 and instructions on how to upgrade to iOS5 through iTunes or manually.

One of the most interesting features in is the ability to quickly take pictures from the lock screen without even having to unlock the iPhone or iPod Touch. This feature earlier allowed users to control the music player too.

In order to quickly access the camera from the lock screen, just double click on the home button and you will see an option to use the camera as seen in the screenshot above.

Access Camera from Lock Screen iOS5

Just click on the icon and you will be able to take photographs and save them. This is definitely one of the best features Apple has introduced in iOS5. We will be covering more such interesting things and tips for iOS5 in future. Stay tuned for them.

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