Qik Videocamera – Local Video Recording for all iPhones


I had written earlier this week about Qik Live, an iPhone app from Qik that allows live video streaming. This app (and others, like ustream) was released as a result of Apple lifting the ban from all apps which used live video streaming. Qik, in an unprecedented move, has released a new app – Qik Videocamera. The new app allows any iPhone to locally capture video. This was a private space meant only for   3GS up until now.

Qik Videocamera boasts recordings at 7FPS and at a resolution of 352×288. These numbers may not seem great but it’s definitely a leg up from iVideoCamera’s measly 3FPS at 160×213. 3GS still beats the game with 30FPS and VGA (640×480) resolution.

So Qik has moved from a single app to a series of apps. First is Qik – the first and most basic app in the series. Second comes Qik Live – first to have live video streaming. Lastly, we have Qik Videocamera – local video capture now made easy. It should be noted that this feature was already there in Qik Live.

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