Qik is now Qik Live – Live iPhone Streaming now possible


Qik Live, yet another live video streaming application, has been approved for Apple iPhone and should be available in the App Store soon. Qik was available earlier for iPhone but did not allow live video streaming. Qik got renamed to Qik Live with this new update. It submitted itself for approval as soon as Ustream, a similar app, got it’s approval.

Up until now, Apple did not allow any live video streaming but apparently, there was a way around it. All streaming apps used a restricted API to get around Apple’s ┬árestriction for live capture and streaming. All of this changed when Apple enabled recording through the third-party iVideoCamera app. This was in accordance to Apple’s declaration that it had no objection to the screen capture API whatsoever. An Apple moderator stated in the forums:

After carefully considering the issue, Apple is now allowing applications to use the function UIGetScreenImage() to programmatically capture the current screen contents.” The function prototype is as follows:

CGImageRef UIGetScreenImage();

Apple also stated:

a future release of iPhone OS may provide a public API equivalent of this functionality.


At such time, all applications using UIGetScreenImage() will be required to adopt the public API.

All the features of Qik, new or old, are listed below:

  • Works fine over 3G as well as Wi-Fi network
  • allows receivers to know the location of the broadcaster
  • allows users to alert their friends of streams they’re broadcasting
  • allows users to restrict their videos to their friends
  • Works on all iPhones (2G as well as 3G)

When a user makes his stream private, it is visible to only those people who have received an MMS or Email from the broadcaster.

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