Psx4droid – PlayStation (PSX) Emulator for Android Launched

Download-PSX4Droid-PSX-EmulatorGood news Android gamers. Psx4droid, the PlayStation (PSX) emulator for Android by zodttd, has been released. Psx4Droid is the first PSX emulator for the Android Market, which already has several impressive NES, GBA and GBC emulators.

Like all other PSX emulators, Psx4droid also requires a BIOS image, which you will have to procure separately. The emulator works with BIN, ISO, IMG, PBP, Z, ZNX file formats. As you might expect, it uses onscreen overlay controls similar to the ones offered by the PS1 gamepads. However, you can also hook up your WiiMote (or other Bluetooth controllers) to get a slightly better gameplay experience.


I haven’t yet had the opportunity to play around with the Psx4droid. However, judging from various forum reviews, the Psx4droid appears to be a pretty decent emulator. Quite obviously, it requires significant processing power and is best suited for the dual core 1 GHz processors. Even then, some games like Tekken 3 might not work perfectly. Games which have been reported to work well include Final Fantasy VIII and Super Puzzle Fighter 2.


If you still have a soft spot for the classics from years gone by, go ahead and pick this up. At $5.99, it might not be cheap. However, if you have loads of backed up PSX games, this app will probably pay-off itself pretty quickly.

[ Psx4droid at AndroLib ]

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  • wow!! this is amazing… and from the description I can say that it is going to rock…. loved it man! thanks for sharing…. :):)

  • Very cool. I remember playing some classic NES games on an emulator a while back. It's a chance to relive some of our favorite games of the past. A lot of them are still a lot of fun to play even compared to today's more advanced games.

  • Bozobub

    I’ve been using psx4droid for a few days on an HTC Evo, and I have to say that ‘m impressed, even with its shortcomings.

    Most of the negative issues simply are due to slowdown, both in gfx and sound. Whaddaya want? It’s a freakin’ PSX on yer phone! xD I’m willing to bet a few updates and the new dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon phone CPUs (due Q3 2011, supposedly) will fix most problems.

    There are, of course, some games that simply won’t run, or run badly, but this happens even on high-end PCs running ePSXe or other emulators; none are perfect.

    It can help some games’ audio, btw, to run it in mono.