PowerAMP 2.0 Now Available On The Android Market

Remember my post about PowerAMP 2.0 Beta build? Well, Max has finally fixed all the bugs with the app, and has released the final version of the app on the Android Market.

The new version of PowerAMP brings with it truckloads of changes including support for more audio formats like wma pro etc. Other changes include Stereo eXpansion, Mono Mixing and balance support. There is also Crossfade, Gapless playback, replay gain, and dynamic  queuing.

There is also a new slick cover-art animation,  which  occurs when the users skips to one album from another. The whole UI of the app has also been tweaked and  modified, and it looks downright gorgeous.

The audio engine of the app has also changed for good. There is now Direct volume control for all Android 2.3+ devices. This results in a much better sound quality, compared to the previous versions of PowerAMP. With the new version of PowerAMP, I can finally listen to music on my Samsung Galaxy S2, which is known for its disastrous sound quality.

Android users can download the latest version of PowerAMP from here. Keep in mind that this is a 15day trial version. The full version of the app can be purchased for $4.99 from here.


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Rajesh Pandey

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