Pic Posterous: Posterous iPhone App For Blogging
By on August 22nd, 2009

Posterous is a free hosted blogging service which is the easiest way for blogging. And indeed it is. Just email images, write-up, videos and et cetra to your unique email id given by posterous and voila!! You are done. Posterous will post it in a right way in the form of a post. Simple isn’t it?

Today, Posterous announced its Photo Blogging software for iPhone, Pic posterous. Pic Posterous claims to be replacement to the iPhone camera app. And my dearies, Pic Posterous does bully the iPhone camera app here.

pic posterous

Once you take a fresh photo from the app, it automatically uploads to the location even if you are not signed in. A feature if you just wanted to try the app. Once you enter your login credentials, your photos are moved to your location. Nice.

The app does exactly same as posterous should do when you send an email. The only benefit we have here is, you can upload new images to the same album/post. That is, you have an option to chose from whether to upload your photo as new post or upload it to the same post. Moreover, all the pictures uploaded from Pic Posterous are geo-tagged.

The app does not let you add any text with the photo nor does it allow you to comment. It’s so basic.

Download Pic Posterous for free(iTunes download link)

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