Pay for Android Apps and Games using Paypal

Paypal for Android MarketReportedly, Ebay is in talks with Google to add Paypal as a payment option for Android Market users. Paypal is the most popular payment processor worldwide and processes millions of transactions daily.

Currently, Android users have the option to pay only directly by credit card or through Google Checkout. Both options work well, but aren’t as convenient as iTunes. The adoption rate of Google Checkout hasn’t been very impressive. If Paypal does get integrated with Android Market as a payment option, many more users will start buying apps; Paypal, after all, has more than 87 million active accounts.

Android is a very robust platform with only a few problems, Android Market payments are one of them. The option to accept payments via Paypal should lure more developers to create apps for Android.

Head over to Bloomberg for the whole scoop.

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