Palm: The Golden Goose Apple, Google, RIM HTC, Lenovo and HP was after

Palm was  sold out for a sum of $1.2 billion earlier this year. HP, which emerged as the winning bidder raced against six other tech giants, the details of which was shady until now. Recently,  Businessinsider has written a report on the deal highlighting the companies that were interested in Palm.


Surprisingly, the list includes giants like Google and Apple. We all know how  HTC walked out of the deal seeing  Palm’s poor position and left  Lenovo as a promising candidate. Later, HP swept in and took the bid with a deciding amount.

Now, both Apple and Google have a decisive share of the mobile OS world. Then why would they want to buy a competitor? It appears that Palm has a huge library of patents numbered at over 400 and another 400 in pending. This made Palm the golden goose that almost everyone wanted.

Sadly, HP outbid Apple  and Google never knew that Apple was participating in the bid. Otherwise, Palm would have been Google property and we would have seen Google supporting two competing platforms WebOS and Android.

HP has no interest in mobile technologies. However, it aims to use the IP technologies in the Palm WebOS to help printers interact over a network and to develop a tablet it has in store.


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