Palm Pre to get WebOS 1.3.5 today!

Palm Pre
Palm Pre

Palm Pre users are in for a surprise – Sprint, the only company that has it on sale in the US, stated in it’s website that WebOS 1.3.5, build 194, will be available over-the-air from December 28, 2009. Sprint has said that the new update will have the following features:

  • Improvement in battery life optimization when in marginal coverage areas.
  • QCELP capability fix to allow play and audio of video sent via MMS.
  • Launch Google Maps or Sprint Nav when tapping an address from contacts.
  • Minimized package of MR size through binary difference. Customers can now download over 2G connections if necessary.

The last statement basically removes the app storage limit, which earlier prevented users to install more than a couple dozen apps on the device.

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