Palm Pre takes on the iPhone in new ad

Sometime back in past, I remember, Blackberry released an ad attacking on Apple iPhone. The ad went like this a black-berry(fruit) dashes into an eaten apple and the apple falls.’ Apple replied to that ad a black-berry(fruit again) dashes into Apple and it burts’. I couldn’t make a connect to the ads and now its too blur in my mind to know it.

So now this time around when i am blogging about this so that the memory doesn’t go blurr again, its Palm Pre trying to hit on iPhone.  The Sprint guys who are very smart in calculations calculated its the time first generation iPhone contracts are coming to an end. So now they want users to change their contracts and shift to sprint Palm Pre.

palm pre

Alright. I am really impressed by Palm Pre. But does it have potential to beat iPhone in terms of applications? Okay you can run multiple applications but what’s the use when you don’t have applications to run?

Are they making fun of them?

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