Palm Pre launching with Google Search, Google Maps, and YouTube

Looks like Google services are everywhere these days, the Palm Pre included, the Google Mobile Blog announced today that Palm Pre will come built in with Google Search, Google Maps and .

You can also easily sync your Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts to Palm Pre.

pre-universal-search-blu-ray-player pre-blu-ray-results

To start searching you can type a query from the home screen, you do not have to load up the browser for searching, if your search does not match contact info or anything else that is stored on the phone, you will be prompted to search either the web with Google, local places on Google Maps, Wikipedia or .

pre-chrome-shorts-search chrome-shorts-details

Palm Pre also has a inbuilt YouTube player using which you can easily watch your favorite videos. This phone definitely packs in a lot of neat features.

Palm Pre is releasing in the markets on June 6th, will you be buying the phone? Do let us know.

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