Paid Android Apps Available in 18 More Countries

Google’s highly popular mobile OS Android is going from strength to strength.   The sales of Android devices are growing with each passing month and so is its popularity. Now, in a move to make Android more open’ Google has added 18 new countries which can purchase paid apps from the Android market. Along with this, the search giant has added 20 countries whose developers can sell their applications using the Android Market. Android

With this move, Android users from more than 32 countries can download paid applications from the market. The additional 18 countries where Google has enabled paid application download support includes Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, and Taiwan.

The additional countries from where developers can sell their Android applications include Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan.

This move from Google will surely help increase the popularity of Android worldwide. Kudos to Google for this!

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