T-Mobile G2 Gets Wi-Fi Calling

T-Mobile will be rolling out a new software update for the HTC G2 starting from today. The software update will add Wi-Fi calling for Android along with several bug fixes and enhancements. T-Mobile_g2

Here is the full change-log from T-Mobile :

* Wi-Fi Calling for Android new!

* Resolves device freeze and unexpected power-off issues

* Improves data connection reliability

* Optimizes radio recovery

The software update version is 1.22.531.8 and it will be automatically downloaded on your device. Users will be prompted to install the update after it has been downloaded. The T-Mobile G2 sports a pop-out QWERTY based keyboard with a 3.7-inch screen. The handset runs on stock Android 2.2 with no HTC Sense UI on top of it.

Hopefully, we will see many more Android phones getting the Wi-Fi calling capability in the future.


Palm Pre 2 Pre-Orders To Begin On November 8

palm pre 2

Last month HP announced the new Palm Pre 2 smartphone. It is the first device which runs on the HP’s latest operating system, the webOS 2.0. HP recently posted on their HP for Students Facebook page that, the device will be available for pre-order from November 8th.

Palm Pre 2 features a 3.1 inch HVGA touchscreen display with 320×480 pixels resolution, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 1GHz processor, webOS 2.0 Operating System, 5 megapixel camera with LED Flash, Wi-Fi, Built-in GPS, Stereo Bluetooth, 3.5mm headset jack, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta, 16GB of internal memory, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, Microsoft Exchange, Proximity sensors, Accelerometer, 5.5 hours of talktime and more.

HP didn’t revealed the price of the device, nor they have  commented on whether it would be the unlocked GSM version, Verizon’s CDMA model or both. Verizon is expected to sell the device from November 11. Earlier, HP’s Product Manager, Tim Pettitt said in an interview that, HP will offer an unlocked GSM version of the Palm Pre 2 in the coming months to US consumers.

Nokia X2-01 Details Surface; Another Low-end QWERTY Packing S40 Phone

Looks like Nokia is soon going to release another low-end QWERTY based phone running on S40 the X2-01. Eldar over at Mobile-Review has posted some pictures and the rumored specifications of the X2-01. The Nokia X2-01 looks similar to the Nokia C3 except that it lacks Wi-Fi. The X2-01 will be sporting a 2.44-inch QVGA display.Nokia_X2_01

The phone will also sport 2G (no 3G), Bluetooth, FM Radio and a microSD card slot. The back of the handset also sports a 3MP camera without flash. The handset will also feature two dedicated buttons for music and messaging. It’s evident from the specs of the handset that Nokia will be positioning the X2-01 a slot below the C3.

Nokia will be targeting the X2-01 towards emerging markets like India and Brazil.

Michael Dell Says Developing For Windows Phone Is Easier Than Android

Speaking at an event in Hong Kong, Michael Dell has been quoted saying that developing for Microsoft’s Windows Phone   platform is easier compared to Android, based on the feedback he got from developers. The comment is quite interesting given Dell has two firsts, Dell Venue Pro, their Windows Phone and an Android based tablet the Dell Streak.

Developer enthusiasm is crucial for the success of Windows Phone 7. According to reports there are close to 12,000 registered developers for the platform and more than a 1,000 apps in the Zune marketplace. Considering that Windows Phone 7 devices are yet to launch in the US, there seems to be fair amount of momentum.

Michael Dell acknowledged Android’s lead over Apple and said, What’s interesting about the smartphone space is how it’s changing into a more open-modular system. It’s staggering that Android has now surpassed Apple in terms of originations and this is happening at a much, much faster rate than what folks had envisioned.”

Dell Streak v2 to be a Windows based device? Windows CE perhaps?

via PocketNow

Samsung Denies Nexus Two Rumors

The whole of the Internet world is talking about the highly anticipated Google experience phone – dubbed as Nexus Two – to be unveiled by Samsung on November 8th. However, a Korean website is reporting that an official Samsung spokesperson has claimed that the news is simply not true.I personally don’t think that the entire buzz around the Nexus Two from Samsung is false. clip_image001

I highly doubt the credibility of this news posted by the Korean site danawa.com. After all, why would a Samsung spokesperson tell this big’ piece of news to a Korean site, instead of many big blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo?

If this news does turn out to be true, then we can be pretty assured that the Continuum is the only phone to be launched by Samsung on November 8th. And no, it’s not going to be a Google experience phone.

Enable HD Video Recording On iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 4 is capable of recording videos in 720p resolution. However, its predecessor the iPhone 3GS can only record videos in VGA resolution. The Cortex A8 processor inside the iPhone 3GS is capable of decoding 720p videos, but Apple has imposed some kind of software limit to it. Now, a guy named Mike has managed to bypass the limit imposed by Apple and now his iPhone 3GS can record videos in 1080×800 resolution at 30fps.

Here is a video shot in 1080×800 resolution at 30fps by the iPhone 3GS after applying the hack :

This hack by Mike also allows playback of 720p videos on the iPhone. He has used a very odd resolution of 1080×800 so as to maintain the original aspect ratio of the video (4:3). iPhone 3GS owners who are interested in trying out this hack, need to make sure that there 3GS is jailbroken and running on iOS4.1.

Users can find the steps to enable HD video recording on their iPhone 3GS here.

Android is Now The Most Popular Mobile OS in the US

Canalys Smartphone StatsAndroid has overtaken the iPhone and Blackberry platforms in the US smartphone market. The Android OS now leads the others with a 43.6% market share. Apple has a 26.2% market share with the iOS platform while RIM comes in at the third place with a 24.2% share.

Microsoft’s share has plummeted down to a measly 3.0% but it is widely expected to improve following the Windows Phone 7 launch. Apple is the undisputed leader though, when it comes to hardware. The iPhone is undoubtedly the single most popular phone in the US.

Worldwide, Symbian still is a force to reckon with. It leads the market with a 33% market share. In India, Symbian (Nokia) still has over 65% of the smartphone market share.

via Canalys

Apple Store Gets Take Down Notice for VLC App

ipad-image2Tuesday, Rémi Denis-Courmont, the lead developer of the open source VLC media player, sent a legal notice to the Apple Store to force the VLC app’s removal. VLC can only be modified or distributed under Gnu GPL (General Public License), and Apple’s restrictive licensing violates that. It’s expected that Apple will do so, because this situation isn’t new. Apple was previously forced to remove other open source apps.

To users of iOS devices, this means you’d better grab VLC from the Apple Store while you can.


The VLC app was released in September. Even then, some people speculated that it would eventually be killed. Below is a little of the letter that Rémi sent out to the public.

Espoo, Finland – Today, a formal notification of copyright infringement
was sent to Apple Inc. regarding distribution of the VLC media player for
iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. VLC media player is free software licensed
solely under the terms of the open source GNU General Public License
(a.k.a. GPL). Those terms are contradicted by the products usage rules of
the AppStore through which Apple delivers applications to users of its
mobile devices.

Rémi is also angry that he’s being blamed for depriving users of the app. He states that he must defend VLC’s unrestricted use under GPL, and those who made this app available should be getting the blame.

VLC will always be available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Nokia E5 Firmware Updated To V42.010

Nokia has released a new firmware update for the E5. The new firmware update is numbered v42.010 and aims at improving the performance and stability of the device. The firmware update also aims at adding some new features to the device and updating the core applications of the handset. Nokia_E5

Users can update the firmware via OTA (Over-The-Air) or by using Nokia Software Updater. The Nokia E5 features UDP (User Data Preservation), so users don’t need to worry about making a backup of their data before proceeding with the firmware update. However, users are recommended to make a backup of their data on the handset before updating the firmware on the device.

Nokia will slowly be rolling out this firmware to various regions of the world in the upcoming few weeks.

New Portrait QWERTY Keyboard For The Nokia N8 Coming Soon

The Nokia N8 has been criticized heavily for its text input entry system. However, the Finnish giant is hard at work and is working on an updated text input mode for the Nokia N8. The folks over at My Nokia Blog have managed to get their hands on a few pictures of the new updated text input mode system. clip_image001

From the blurry pictures, it is clear that the Text input field does not open up separately; instead it opens up on the same screen. This means that users can see the on-screen content whilst typing their message. The pictures also show a brand new portrait mode QWERTY keyboard for the Nokia N8. However, it is not yet known whether the keyboard supports multi-touch or not.

The pictures do not show an English based QWERTY keyboard, so the final layout of the keyboard will be different as seen from the picture. Hopefully, the N8 should get this new text input mode in the next firmware update.