Angry Birds For Android Makes $1 Million Per Month in Advertising Revenue

Angry Birds is one of the biggest mobile app success stories of all times. It was first released on the iOS platform, priced at $0.99. It passed 10 million downloads back in November, just on the iPhone.

Rovio Mobile, the creator of Angry Birds, also released it on Android on October 15. This time around, it released it for free, the only price which works well on Google’s Android platform. Like most developers, it hoped to make money off advertising. It just passed 7 million downloads a week back.

Angry Birds

Today, Google Mobile Ads just released a Youtube video marketing Angry Birds as one of the most successful apps using its mobile advertising platform. Apparently, by the end of the year, Angry Birds for Android will be netting Rovio over $1 million per month in mobile ad revenue.

These figures indicate that Rovio would make more money on Android than on any other platform.

Check out the video by Google Mobile Ads.

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White iPhone 4 Spotted at Burger Joint in Minneapolis

The elusive White which has been spotted in various locations including UK seems to be rearing its head out once again, this time in Minneapolis, USA.

White iPhone

The website Just Judy Judy Judy was the one which spotted the white iPhone at My Burger in Downtown Minneapolis. The guy who had the white iPhone does not work for iPhone and instead works for a company called AutomotionTV. Not surprisingly, the guy was not keen to answer how he got the phone. However, someone outside Apple having a white iPhone definitely sounds fishy right? However, it might be that the guy had some friends who gave it to him.

White iPhone Minneapolis

According to a statement back in July, Apple had said that the white iPhone will be available in late 2010. However, December is already here and there is still no sign of it, so could Apple be planning to launch the device before the holidays? Not sure, but it might just spring a surprise.

So did you put off your plan to buy an iPhone to wait for the white one? Or are you planning to buy the white iPhone too? If yes, you might just get a surprise announcement from Apple soon.

Thanks for the tip Judy.

Enable Wi-Fi Tethering On Sony Xperia X10

The Android 2.1 update for Xperia X10 has been released a few weeks ago and brought some joy to users. However, a very important feature, Wi-Fi tethering, didn’t come with the update. However, since Android 2.1 on X10 can be rooted, Wi-Fi tethering can be enabled using a third party app. Here are the two steps to enable Wi-Fi tethering on your X10 and other Android device.

First thing to do is root your Android device. The easiest way to do it is by installing z4root from Android Market on your phone. This app will root your phone in one click. I rooted my X10 using this app. However, it took three tries to root my phone, so try again if it didn’t work for the first time.


snap20101202_153953 snap20101202_153929

To enable Wi-Fi tethering on the Xperia X10, install Barnacle Wi-Fi Tether from Android market after rooting your phone. After the installation, run Barnacle Wi-Fi Tether and click Start. Now your phone is ready to share its internet connection with other Wi-Fi capable devices. Enjoy!

Android Market Gets ‘Related’ Tab

Yesterday, when we posted the video of Android 2.3 Gingerbread UI exposed through Voice Search, many of you must have noticed a new tab in the Android Market. Since the video was in some alien language (at least for me), I could not understand what that new tab in Android Market is for.

Well, just now I was using my sister’s HTC Legend and opened up the Market to update a few applications that I noticed a new tab. The new Related’ tab shows users applications which are similar to the current application the user is viewing.

2010-12-03 23.08.41

However, when I checked the Android Market on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S) I did not find the new Related’ tab. Ironically, the Legend runs on Android 2.1 while the Galaxy S is running on Android 2.2. Hopefully, Google will roll out this new tab’ feature soon to all Android devices.

Update: Looks like Google is slowly rolling out the ‘Related’ tab to all Android devices. I just got the “Related’ tab in my Samsung Galaxy S.

MeeGo Tablet and Phone Spotted in Russia

At an Intel press event held in Moscow on December 2, for launching MeeGo based netbooks powered by the Intel Atom processor, Intel executives also showcased a MeeGo powered phone and tablet.

Both the tablet, and the phone are powered by Intel Atom. The HI/LO Vibrant phone sports a 5 MP camera and a secondary videocall camera. The tablet looks quite good, but no detailed specifications have been released.

We should probably see the onslaught of MeeGo devices in Q1 2011, but I wonder if it isn’t too late already.

MeeGo Phone

Meego Phone

MeeGo Tablet

Meego Tablet

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Download Dungeon Hunter For Android For Free

Gameloft is known for making some game looking games for the iOS as well as for the Android platform. However, the company for some unknown reasons does not sell its games in the Android Market. Instead it does so via its own market (which is crap).

Due to this, not only do the sales of the game suffer but not many people know about their offerings. The company has some pretty impressive Android games like Asphalt 5, Assassin’s Creed and Hero Of Sparta.


Now, as a part of their Advent Twitter promotion Gameloft has made Dungeon Hunter for Android available as a free download for 24 hours. The company will be giving a surprise gift every day until Christmas so expect them to make a few more Android games available as a free download.

The clock is already ticking so users should quickly head over to Gameloft’s site and download their free copy of Dungeon Hunter.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread UI Previewed in Google Voice Search Video

All over the world, Android lovers are impatiently waiting for Google to release the next version of Android Gingerbread a.k.a Android 2.3. Google had earlier promised that Android 2.3 will bring it a UI over haul. However, with some leaked pictures of Nexus S running Android 2.3 it was pretty clear that Google will only be tweaking the UI instead of giving it a major over haul.

Now, while everyone impatiently waits to see what all UI changes Android 2.3 incorporates, Google released a video of Android 2.3 in action way back on November 23.

The big G posted a video on YouTube through their GoogleinHK account giving a walk through of Google’s new Voice Search on iOS and Android. The Android device in the video runs on Android 2.3.

Below is the video I am talking about :

Android 2.3 UI Changes Exposed

The video clearly gives us more than a sneak peek’ of the UI changes Gingerbread will have – Black notification bar, updated and more polished icons, new drop down menu, 3D app drawer and new animations.

The 3D app drawer looks exactly like the 3D app drawer in Launcher Pro a popular replacement Home Launcher app in the Android ecosystem.


Android Fragmentation? It’s A Non-Issue

Detractors of Android, mostly iPhone fans, don’t have much ammo against it these days. Android is continuing its upward march to smartphone platform domination, and is on its way to becoming the number one smartphone OS in the world.

If there is one thing that Android critics have been complaining about, it’s fragmentation. There are a lot of old versions of the Android OS which still run on a significant number of Android devices, despite Android 2.2 Froyo releasing months back. Not anymore though, today, the Android Developers blog released some platform statistics which gives an insight into Android platform usage.

Android Version Statistics

According to the stats, Android 2.2 Froyo, the latest version now runs on 43.4% on all devices. Android 2.1 Eclair runs on 39.6% of devices, while Android 1.6 and Android 1.5 run on 10.6% and 6.3% devices respectively.

What this means is that most users are now on the latest versions of Android, with phones having powerful hardware. Android 2.3 Gingerbread is set to launch soon, so things will change yet again.

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T-Mobile UK’s Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 Update Rolling Out Now

Samsung started rolling out the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for unbranded Galaxy S handsets in early November. The Korean company has been slowly rolling out the update to unlocked devices in various regions of the world. It was just a couple of days ago that the company started rolling out the Android 2.2 update for the Galaxy S in India.

Now, Samsung and T-Mobile UK have started rolling out the Android 2.2 update for T-Mobile branded Galaxy S devices in the U.K.


Along with the usual KIES release, T-Mobile has also released an OTA (Over-The-Air) software update. However, the OTA update might be delayed so users are recommended to try out KIES first. It is still unknown when all the four carrier branded variants of the Galaxy S AT&T’s Captivate, Verizon’s Fascinate, Sprint’s Epic 4G and T-Mobile’s Vibrant in the United States will get their share of Froyo love.

Hopefully, Samsung will release the Android 2.2 update for these devices before the end of the year.

Download Official Google Reader App for Android

Google has finally released an official app for . The Google Reader Android app supports multiple account, synching preferences, subscription features and search among other things.

Google Reader Android App Google Reader Android Send To

Google Reader for Android also allows users to change settings to allow using the volume keys for previous and next items in your list and also includes a "send" feature which integrates with other apps on your phone, so that you can quickly share items in , or .

You can download the new Google Reader Android app from the Android market or use the QR code below to quickly download it.