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Nokia Music Now DRM Free


Just after Nokia announced that it will be rebranding its Nokia Music store to OVI Music, Nokia has now announced that it will be now rolling out DRM free music. What does this mean? This means that, you can now play your favorite MP3’s from anywhere — from PC to any MP3 player.

Unfortunately, Nokia’s comes with music’ isn’t DRM free yet. That means if you bought handset like Nokia 5800 Comes with Music and download from the millions of track available, you won’t be able to transfer it to any other handset or PC. However, did you know that OVI store now serves up to 1.5m downloads a day? With Nokia announcing its rebranding and rolling out of DRM free music, that number is just about to climb the Everest.

Nokia To Launch Nuron On T-Mobile

Nokia announced that it will launch Nokia 5230 Nuron on the T-Mobile network with free navigation software. Nokia 5230 Nuron is a touch screen Symbian based device and will be one of the first Smartphones with completely free mapping technology that lets users find directions, pinpoint their location and explore new restaurants, landmarks, concerts and more with guides from Lonely Planet.


Nokia 5230 Nuron Features

  • 3.2-inch touchscreen display (640 x 360 nHD resolution)
  • Up to 16.7 million colors
  • Dual band 900/2100 WCDMA and 850/1900 WCDMA
  • GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • microSD memory card slot; supports up to 16 GB
  • 70 MB internal memory
  • On-screen keyboard
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Micro-USB connector
  • USB 2.0 high speed port
  • 3.5 mm Nokia AV connector
  • 2-megapixel built-in video camera with 3x digital zoom (records at 640 x 480 pixels and up to 30 fps)
  • Supports IMAP, POP, SMTP e-mail protocols
  • MP3 player and FM radio
  • 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug

Nokia has determined to provide Smartphone experience for cheap and with goodies like free turn-by-turn navigation solution in the hope to gain its stature in the US market. Apart from mobiles like Nokia E71 none of Nokia’s handset had made any impression in the US market partly due to its refusal to tie up with any network. It looks like it has now decided to do the right — tie up with networks to provide handsets.

HootSuite Releases An Android and iPhone App


Back in December, HootSuite announced it first iPhone app. Today, HootSuite has added more apps to its mobile section Android (pro and lite) and iPhone (lite). The pro version of HootSuite for Android which is priced at $1.99 features:

  • Multi Account Support
  • Custom views for tags and searches
  • Trending Topics significance
  • Scheduling Tweets
  • List Support with ability to add followers to it
  • Background Notifications
  • Photo Sharing
  • URLs Shortening using its custom URL
  • complete sync between the web and mobile version

While HootSuite Lite version for Android and iPhone supports only 3 twitter account and is completely free of cost.

Download Hoot Suite for Android (Pro and Lite versions)
Download Hoot Suite for iPhone Lite (iTunes Link)

Mi-Fone Introduces 4 Phones In India

Africa based Mobile company, Mi-Fone, recently announced that it will be entering the Indian market soon, and it did with a bang. Mi-Fone introduced not one, not two but four phones in the Indian Market. With the target audience being youngsters, the phones range between 3000-5000 INR.



Mi-5QS is a Dual SIM QWERTY handset with a 2.2″ LCD Colour Screen Display. It features a Mi-Q (voice/SMS), Mi-Q1 GPRS with VGA Camera, Mi-Q5S and MI-APPSwhich offers a Blackberry experienceto the mass market by including Push email and Messenger etc. The handset has a talktime of 5hrs with standby time of 360hrs and is priced at Rs 3220 approx.



Mi-338 is a touch screen device a 2.4″ LCD display with a resolution of 240*320. Other features include an Analog TV,VGA Camera, MP3 and video capability as well as support for SMS, MMS, GPRS, WAP and a shake sensor. The device sports 3hrs talktime with 200 hrs standby time. It is priced at Rs.4370 approx.



Mi-350a is also a touch screen dual SIM device. One of its special features being double battery which gives a talktime of10hrs and 720hrs standby time. The device has a 2.4″ LCD Display with a resolution of 240*320, Bluetooth, VGA Camera, Video Player, FM radio, MP3 Player and support for GRPS/WAP/MMS. It is priced at 4600 INR.



Mi-2010 is a low cost Dual Sim handset which features a 1.8″ LCD Color Display with VGA Camera, MP3 player, FM radio with support for GPRS, WAP, MMS and is priced at Rs 3000 approx.

While the devices are targeted towards the youngsters the design isn’t. The device design looks like a cheap copy of LG and Nokia devices.

Nokia C5 Debuts


Nokia had made clear that it would categorize its phone in E,N,X and C series. While the first three series are already out, today a C series phone debuted in the market Nokia C5.

Nokia C5 runs on Symbian S60 3rd Edition with  a built-in Nokia messaging and social networking features. Apart from that other features include Free walk and drive Ovi Maps navigation, Easy Access Contact Bar on the homescreen, Sterio FM, 3.5mm audio jack and comes with 2GB MicroSD card (expandable up to 16GB). Nokia C5 comes with 12hrs of Battery Life with 26 days Standby time and is available in two colors White and Warm Grey.

Nokia C5 will be available in the Q2 2010 globally i.e. Europe, Eurasia, SEAP, China and MEA and will retail at €135 (approx $183)

Fring Now Supports Video Call on Symbain 9.3 Devices


Last week Fring released a Video Calls support for all the Symbian OS 9.2 Devices and Fring hasn’t stopped it there. Fring has now extended its support for Symbian 9.3 devices. This means, now you can make video call to your friends on Fring and Skype for free, from your Nokia e72 & E75 (and all other Symbian 9.3). And that’s not all! Fring’s official blog post mentions more improvements in coming week. Maybe Jabber support with video call? Or Maybe Symbian address phonebook backup/restore?

The newest  version contains some quality improvements, bug fixes and better connectivity in some specific scenarios so we highly recommend that you get the latest and greatest version, as well. You can download Fring for Symbian 9.3 from here.

Verizon Wireless Makes Calls to Chile Free

In the wake of the recent natural disaster in Chile, Verizon has decided to make calls to and from Chile free till everything gets back to normal. The free calls will apply to monthly customer of Verizon Wireless in US, who make or receive call on the network to or from Chile.

The press release which went out earlier today, has this to say:

Starting immediately and retroactive to the time of the earthquake, Verizon Wireless customers with regular monthly bills can make calls to connect with family and friends in Chile at no cost when they’re on the Verizon Wireless network in the U.S. Verizon Wireless customers with monthly bills who receive calls from Chile will also receive those calls free of charge. The company is making calls free for at least one week. Calls made while roaming are billed at normal rates.

Definitely good to see someone taking an initiative in the time of crisis. In addition to that, all Verizon Wireless customers who pay a monthly bill, including those formerly with Alltel, may contribute to Chilean earthquake relief efforts via their mobile phones. To make a $10 donation to Habitat for Humanity, text the word CHILEto 25383; to make a $10 donation to World Vision, text the word CHILEto 20222.

Android 2.1 Update Coming to All US Android Phones

It has been a while since 2.1 has been made available on certain phones, including the . However, not every Android phone out there has the 2.1 update yet. Earlier this week Motorola CLIQ was supposed to get an Android 2.1 update too, but everything is going out too slowly right now.


Now, according to a news update from Android and Me, it looks like all the mobile phone which run on Android in the US will be getting a Android 2.1 update pretty soon.

However, some phone’s will require to to a complete new install of Android 2.1 as opposed to an update, and there is still no news whether or not this update will be Over the Air (OTA) or through a PC Software update.

The Android 2.1 update is scheduled to be rolled out in Q2 2010, so users can expect an update before the end of March. However, certain features which are available in Nexus One will not be available to all phones, including a feature called "Live Wallpaper". Nevertheless, this is definitely good news, since Android has definitely grown into a better platform and many of the phones are still using Android 1.5 or 1.6.

We will keep you updated as and when Android 2.1 updates become available for different phones.

Download Skype 3.0 For Windows Mobile

Skype has officially decided to remove support for Windows Mobile 6.5 in anticipation of rolling out a client for Windows Phone 7, however, if you want to download the Skype 3.0 Client for Windows Mobile, we have you covered.

Skype for Windows Mobile

You can download Skype 3.0 for Windows Mobile to your PC or directly to your device by visiting If you are not able to download Skype 3.0 from the above URL, Ask the Admin has a file hosted on their servers, which you can download from here.

So, head over to the above mentioned sites and have fun Skyping with your friends or talking to them using VoIP.

Nokia Unveils N97 Mini Gold Edition

Earlier this week, in my Nokia N97 Mini review, I concluded that “Nokia N97 Mini is one of the best mobile communicating device currently available in the market”. If you are going to buy this handset soon, then I would kindly ask you to change your plans and wait for few months as Nokia went one step further and announced the exclusive Gold Edition of Nokia N97 Mini.

nokia N97 mini gold

The Nokia N97 Mini Gold Edition is covered with 18 carat gold casing. There are no major changes in the specs but the Gold Edition will come with a 24GB expandable memory slot. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard of N97 Mini is amazing. Other feature includes a 3.2 inches touchscreen display, 5 megapixel camera, 3G connectivity and so on. Check out the complete specs of Nokia N97 Mini here.

This handset is priced at $850 and it is expected to be shipped in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia during April 2010. If you can afford to buy this device, please don’t think twice and give this luxury handset a thumbs up.

Skype Drops its Support For Windows Mobile

Skype, the VOIP software maker, has withdrawn its support for Windows Mobile. Skype has pulled out both Skype Lite and Skype Mobile for   Windows Mobile from their site. This means, you cannot download the app from the Skype official site but if you already have it installed on your device it will seamlessly work.


Skype for Windows Mobile did not always give the best possible consistent user experience and Skype has grown tired of supporting it. Instead, Skype wants to focus on delivering mind blowing app for the Windows Phone 7 Series. From the Skype blog we’ve decided to make a few changes to our lineup. Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Phones are no longer available for download. This isn’t a decision we’ve taken lightly, but the reason is simple. Neither of these apps offered a great Skype experience.

Apart from that, just last week Skype partnered with Verizon to offer free Skype to Skype unlimited calls. If Skype partners with more operators, it can completely eliminate the need for a mobile app. If you ask me, this is an indeed good move by Skype, only late. But we can understand the timing for completely kicking out the support for Skype for WinMo, when Microsoft itself is phasing out Windows Mobile and renaming it to Windows Phone Classic.

LG Announces Ice Cream KF 350 For Women’s Day


Now that Women’s day is nearing, which comes on 8th of March, LG felt the need to commemorate the day by launching LG KF 350. The phone as guessed is pretty girlish, in fact too much girlish and is a flip phone.

LG KF 350 sports a 2.2″ QVGA, TFT display and an external LED display that displays time and various other notifications. It also sports various other features like 3MP Camera, QVGA video recording, FM Radio and a MP3 player. It possesses 25MB of internal memory which can be expanded by 2GB microSD card. It supports Bluetooth 2.1, microUSB, EDGE, Java etc.

The LG KF 350 is aptly priced at Rs 7949 and comes in 3 colors namely White-rosy, Blue and Pistachio.

Nokia To Bring OVI Maps to Android?


In an interview with Austrian national newspaper Die Presse, Nokia’s general manager for the Alps and South East Europe, Greig Williams, when asked if Ovi Maps could come to Android or Windows Mobile, he simply replied That will be the next step.

From the reports, even though Smartphone sales jumped tremendously in the last quarter of 2009, Nokia’s handset shares in the market dropped by 2%. We guessed this made Nokia try out out of the box stuff. Just last month Nokia made OVI Maps turn by turn navigation free of cost. Now this seems a little odd. If Nokia wants to gain back its lost glory, how would they if they offer exclusive features to other OS. And even if Nokia plans to give away its first even seamlessly working client for free to Android and Windows Phone/Mobile, does it mean Nokia might get into Android/Windows Mobile phone business? Now that would be interesting.

Also, what about its other millions of OS (Meego and Maemo) they are simultaneously working on?

Motorola CLIQ To Get Firmware Update and Android 2.1 Update

Motorola CLIQ users will shortly get a Firmware update v1.3.18 for their devices. This update will bring in several improvements to CLIQ’s battery life, touch screen sensitivity, GPS performance, audio routing, caller notification and more.

Motorola CLIQ

Motorola has also announced an update to bumping the version to Android 2.1 at a later date. The actual date for the Android update is not yet available, but it should be coming early March.

Motorola CLIQ Firmware v1.3.18 Features

  • Improved Battery Life – Enhanced battery performance.
  • Improved Touch Screen Sensitivity – Improves the touch screen sensitivity and response of your device.
  • Better Audio Routing – Repairs audio routing to prevent spontaneous speakerphone activations during calls and the random occurrence of music playback through the earpiece instead of appropriate external speakers.
  • Improved Caller Notification – Improves user interface performance, consistently notifying you when a new call is coming in, reducing missed call notifications.
  • Faster GPS Performance – Provides faster GPS performance for applications like Google Maps, Geotagging of photos and other GPS functions (SUPL).
  • Support For Additional Windows Media Formats – Compatible with more media formats including .WMA and .WAV Windows media files.
  • Bluetooth Improvements – Allows a Bluetooth car kit to sync to your device so your car kit can display the names of incoming callers, download phone book contacts so calls can be made from the car kit display and allows you to view the call history list from the car kit display. Listen to visual voicemail over Bluetooth.
  • SIM Card Management – Import, export or delete contacts individually or in groups.
  • Additional Stability – Additional device stability reduces occurrence of unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly.
  • The Latest Versions of Google Applications – Updated GMS application provides access to the latest versions of Google apps like Maps, Talk, YouTube, Market and more.
  • Updated Quickoffice – Read, edit or create Microsoft ® Office documents with the latest, preloaded version of Quickoffice.

Users can download the latest firmware for CLIQ here. Please make sure to backup your phone data before you can upgrade to the newer firmware.

Intex Mobiles Introduces Triple SIM Phones


Intex Mobiles have introduced first of its kind; triple SIM (GSM+GSM+CDMA) mobile devices IN 5030, in the Indian market. It comes with dual batteries for an extended talk time. It can maintain an active CDMA connection while you receive/make a call from GSM.


  • 2″  TFT Screen Display.
  • Mobile tracker, Auto Call recording, Indian Calendar and Torch Light.
  • Support for MP3 Ringtones
  • FM Radio, MP3 Player and MP4 Video Player.
  • Dual Speakers.
  • 1000 Phonebook capacity and 400 SMS capacity.
  • 1.3 MP Camera.
  • Support for Bluetooth with A2DP, MMS and WAP Services.

Priced at just 4,700 INR, it’s a steal for those who cannot maintain three mobile devices.