Ovi Maps Update for Nokia N97

Nokia finally released the free turn-by-turn voice navigation Ovi Maps for N97. After excluding the N97 from the list of phones for getting the free update, Nokia faced heavy criticism from N97 owners (stated in our previous post here).


As stated by Nokia that N97 doesn’t have sufficient RAM for running the new version of Ovi Maps. But the Ovi Map update came without the firmware update, which was not as planned. However, the update is out and the performance is better. When running the maps only the phone has 32 MB of free space which is ok considering the amount of RAM the phone normally has.

However, the performance of the touch screen has improved but still it is late in response, and in short it is far from perfection. Scrolling through maps is uneven. But it is worth when getting voice navigation maps for free.

We can hope that a new firmware update added with some optimization of the maps for N97 could solve the tiny problems. Nokia has been known for fulfilling their customer’s demand and so waiting for a firmware update won’t be a bad idea for N97 users. Till then enjoy the free voice navigation Ovi Maps and stay tuned for a firmware update.