Ovi Maps Racing Now Available

Ovi Maps Racing is a location-based racing game from Nokia, which is available for free on the OVI Store for limited period of time. The game would be played on the  drawings on Ovi Maps, in which you can race on the tracks through real world cities by utilizing the maps data by NAVTEQ and the GPS of the mobile device.

The game looks like a good come back by Nokia in the gaming world after the great debacle of Nokia on the  N-Gage fronts. Check out the video to see how awesome the game is:


The racing in the 3D environment is quite impressive and the experience of racing on the real world tracks cannot be matched. It would have been even more better if we could play against our friends, maybe in future? If you do not fancy making your own route for racing, you can use the preloaded ones and those aren’t that bad either. Ovi Maps Racing is currently available on all Nokia touch devices based on Symbian^1, that is Nokia N97 mini and Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition etc. The game is huge in size though, around 8MB.

Download the OVI Maps Racing game from OVI store. The game is available for free only for limited period of time, so hurry up.

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