Opera Monetizes the World’s Most Popular Mobile Web Browser with Open Mobile Ad Exchange

Regular readers of Techie Buzz might remember that, earlier this year, Opera Software had acquired mobile advertising network AdMarvel. At that time, I dubbed the move as “surprising” and commented, “Although it is hard to guess exactly what Opera is planning to do with AdMarvel, it is fairly safe to assume that AdMarvel will play a role in helping Opera better monetize their mobile offerings”. Now, we know exactly how Opera Software is planning to monetize its mobile offerings.


Opera has just launched Open Mobile Ad Exchange, which serves “cloud-based advertising on feature phones and smartphones”. We have spent the last ten years building a mobile browser that delivers a great user experience,said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software, Today marks a new chapter in our company, helping publishers, developers and mobile operators drive their mobile revenues by reaching out to and engaging a savvy global audience. Whether you want to monetize a free site or application or raise the visibility of your existing content, the Open Mobile Ad Exchange gives you a single point of access and control.

Open Mobile Ad Exchange requires publishers to insert a JavaScript code into their websites. This script automatically serves targeted ads when the webpage is viewed in Opera Mini and other mobile browsers. Unlike some of the other mobile advertisement networks, it doesn’t insert ads into the app itself. Instead, the advertisements are served as regular website ads. This is an interesting way to approach monetization. It is definitely better for the users, since any advertisement that is embedded into the application itself will probably end up taking half of the screen real-estate on low resolution handsets. However, the big challenge for Opera will be to encourage publishers to participate in its advertising platform. Although Opera has a sizeable reach with more than 66.5 million users, Opera Mini still accounts for less than 1% of visitors on most websites.

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  • xonfuxion

    “Opera Mini still accounts for less than 1% of visitors on most websites.”

    Only if you look at North America and Western Europe. Move outside of that, and Opera is big indeed. The growth markets, that is.

    • US,CA,UK are the countries where the advertising bucks are. How many advertisers are there from countries like Indonesia and Cambodia?