Opera Mini for iPhone Approved by Apple – Available Now in An App Store Near You

Opera Mini for iPhone Approved by Apple – Available Now in An App Store Near You

Christmas has come early for Opera fans – Apple has just approved Opera Mini for the App Store. Apple took its time – 20 days, 08 hours and 31 minutes to be exact, but finally made the right call.


This move may come as a surprise to many, but Opera Software had always been optimistic (at least publically). They were confident that technically Opera Mini doesn’t violate any App Store terms and conditions. However, Opera Mini is definitely a competitor to the in-built Safari browser and many believed that this alone would be enough provocation for Apple.

Opera had managed to rally its supporters and build public support through a carefully orchestrated campaign. It is impossible to say if the fear of negative publicity (and FCC’s ire) played any role in Apple’s decision to let Opera Mini through, but one can’t entirely ignore that possibility.

Opera Mini for iPhone brings its familiar combination of speed (up to 6x faster than the in-built browser) and functionality to the table. Opera Mini managed to sneak through Apple’s strict policies mainly because it doesn’t render the website on your device. Instead, all traffic is routed through Opera’s servers where they are rendered and compressed. This compression results in improved browsing speed and even reduces your bandwidth bills.

Other highlights of Opera Mini for iPhone include powerful tabbed browsing, session restore, Opera Link (data synchronization), visual speed dial, password manager and find-in-page.

Opera Mini is already available in most countries and should become available everywhere within the next 24 hours.

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