Opera Mini 7 for Basic Phones Introduces Social Hub with Twitter and Facebook Integration

Opera Mini 7 for Basic Phones Introduces Social Hub with Twitter and Facebook Integration

Opera Mini 7 for feature phones, which was first showcased in this year’s Mobile World Congress, is now ready for the general public. The main draw of the new version is something that Opera Software is calling the Smart Page.

Smart Page is the new start page of Opera Mini, which helps you keep tabs on your Facebook and Twitter stream without breaking a sweat. It also provides quick access to your favorite websites, fetches weather info, updates sports scores, and keeps you informed about the latest news.


“I’ve spent hours typing web addresses on my mobile phone, but now there’s a super smart way to get most of your content at a glance,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “With Smart Page, you just open the browser, and the content is right beside your Speed Dial shortcuts in the start screen for you to skim through — super practical, super time-saving and super smart. I guess that’s why the product team called it Smart Page.”

Opera Mini is the world’s most popular mobile browser with over 172 million users. It is especially popular in those regions where basic phones still rule the roost, and internet connectivity is slow and expensive. Opera Mini can work on even basic J2ME devices, since it offloads the task of rendering the webpage to its servers, through which all web traffic is routed. Opera Mini receives a compressed static representation of the webpage from its servers, and displays it on the mobile device. This can lead to significant bandwidth savings and increased surfing speed on slower networks.

Opera Mini 7 with Smart Page is available for Java-compatible (J2ME), S60 and Blackberry feature phones.

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