Mobile Web Browsing Just Got Smarter – Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 Released

I don’t know what the developers at Opera Software have for breakfast, but it is certainly good stuff. Over the past few weeks, they have been churning out new releases at a frantic pace. Closely following the release of Opera 10.50 for Windows and Opera Mini 5 Beta for Android and Windows Mobile, Opera Software has just released the final builds of Opera Mini 5 (for Java and Blackberry handsets) and Opera Mobile 10 (for Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile).


Opera Mini 5 designed to work on pretty much any phone that supports J2ME applications. Native versions are available for some platforms (such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android handsets), however the feature set for all editions is similar.


Opera Mini 5 is a huge improvement over Opera Mini 4 and bears little resemblance to its predecessor. The interface has been completely revamped and is both stylish and intuitive. New features include tabbed browsing, visual speed dial, adaptive zoom, touch-screen support, password manager, privacy manager, download manager, inline editing, find-in-page and copy-paste support. Existing features such as Opera Links (synchronization), RSS feed reader, address auto-completion and landscape mode have been retained.


Opera Mini is currently the most popular mobile browser in the world with more than fifty million users. Its biggest advantage is speed. In order to overcome the limitations imposed by the weak hardware of basic phones, all webpages are routed through Opera’s servers, where they are rendered and compressed. Opera claims that it can reduce size of pages by up to 90%, thus providing a dramatic speed boost while reducing bandwidth costs.


Opera Mobile 10 is the more feature-packed brethren of Opera Mini and currently supports Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile. It features the same rendering engine (Presto) utilized by Opera for desktop and is better suited to render dynamic content.

Other features include tabbed browsing, password manager, privacy manager, kinetic scrolling, auto-rotation, adaptive zoom, touch-screen support, find-in-page and speed dial. Opera Mobile 10 also retains Opera Turbo, which once again relies on server-side compression to reduce bandwidth usage and increase surfing speed on slow connections.

Opera was one of the first companies to envision a united open web. This has allowed them a head start over competitors. However, they aren’t resting on their laurels. Keeping in mind the needs and wants of our 50+ million users, we have emphasized speed, desktop-like functionality and data savings in our mobile browsers. Today, we have made it even easier for everyone to surf, search and socialize on the Web,said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. Opera Software’s latest mobile offerings retain their tradition of innovation and are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

[ Download Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 for your handset ]

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