More Than One Million Unlocked iPhones Running on T-Mobile USA

iPhone running T-MobileT-Mobile USA has claimed that more than one million iPhones run on its network. Apple’s smartphone does not officially support T-Mobile, the #4 carrier in the U.S.A. T-Mobile offers non-compatible AWS bands for iPhones, which means that iPhones need to be unlocked. Customers who want to run iPhone on T-Mobile network had to lose the Apple contract, modify their SIM to support micro-SIM format of iPhone 4 and lose 3G speeds as T-Mobile runs only 2G EDGE on iPhone. More than 1 million customers have chosen  to do that to stay with T-Mobile.

Talking to Seth Weintraub of 9 to 5 Mac, a T-Mobile spokesperson offered a tidbid of information which suggests that T-Mobile is home to more than one million iPhones.

In a meeting with T-Mobile spokespeople today ahead of the NYC Pepcom event, I  received  word that there are actively over a million Apple iPhones currently on T-Mobile’s network.  When asked for a breakdown, the spokesman said the majority were pre-iPhone 4 but that a significant amount of people had taken the scissorsto their T-Mobile SIM cards.  T-Mobile doesn’t currently offer a Micro-SIM solution for Apple’s iPhone 4 so people who want to use the iPhone 4 must modify their SIMs into MicroSIMs.  Those using iPhone 4s also won’t receive T-Mobile’s 3G or 4G data speeds because of the radio differences between the networks.

When asked about micro-SIMs, the spokesman told Seth Weintraub that they are in the works, but there was no time frame for release.

AT&T is trying to buy T-Mobile, and there have been rumours that iPhone 5 will support T-Mobile’s AWS HSPA and HSPA+ bands. If true, this news will bring smiles to the faces of iPhone owners who run it on T-Mobile network

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