Official HTC Hero Android 2.1 ROM Update Coming In April 2010

Quite sometime back we told you how all US phones are most likely to get an Android 2.1 update, several phones have already started to get the 2.1 update, and it looks like HTC Hero is the next phone in line for it.

Android 2.1

The information was passed on to a XDA Modaco member and re-posted by a XDA member, when questioned about the latest firmware for HTC Hero. (emphasis added by me)

Thank you for your enquiry about htc hero.

Some of the phones in our Android line up including your Hero are due to receive an upgrade, and it is scheduled to be released starting at the end of April. Your phone should be upgraded Over-The-Air. You can expect a pop-up message on your phone when connected to the internet once it is ready. When the upgrade is ready, we will notify you via our website and on various social media networks including Twitter and Face book.

If these steps have not helped, please let me know by responding using the link provided and I will be happy to check again for you.

Best regards,
Name removed
HTC customer support team
HTC Corp. Global Service Division

This could also mean that most of the HTC Android based phones will start receiving OTA updates to their device for Android 2.1 in late April.

20 thoughts on “Official HTC Hero Android 2.1 ROM Update Coming In April 2010”

  1. This seems more likely than the previous junk posted about Android. Several providers and or manufacturers have comfirmed now that 2.1 will be pushed out starting in late April. However, still not a peep from Sprint about the Hero or Moment getting the update yet. "And bringing up the rear, it's Sprint."

  2. Hi I just received a reply from HTC wrt Andrroid 2.1, and it appears their timeline is slipping again.

    They originally said Feb/March 2010 then April and now it looks like June :-(

    "Dear stuart Thank you for contacting us. In regards to 2.1 I can help you with that. Due to unforeseen circumstances the process has changed, however Htc will be providing a free update to Éclair for European HTC Hero variants.’ starting in June', anyone owning an HTC Hero will receive an initial preparatory update, shortly followed by the full Éclair update. For the full update, we would recommend using a free wi-fi hotspot or an unlimited data plan, otherwise standard data charges may apply." I trust that this resolves your query, please do not hesitate to contact us again if required. Thank you for contacting HTC. Best regards, Terry S HTC"

  3. This ia all beginning to hava a whiff of BS to it. I was told last December that the sense update was 'next month'. I think I've seen at least four rescheduled release dates. They just want us to buy the latest phone & ditch a perfectly good one. If user groups have submitted working versions of 2.1 why can't HTC?

  4. Hi fellers…. i sent HTC AU a e-mail last week it was abit of a really pissed off one ……. and they sent me back this and it sounds pritty Genuine HTC REPLY Dear Steve, Thank you for contacting HTC regarding the Android 2.1 update. I can confirm that the update has been pushed back till the 1st of June. This I know this is frustrating with those as well as yourself who have been waiting for the 2.1 update roll out. I can add that the reason is for a technical issue that our developers are making strides to fix in rolling out the software to the handsets, but I cannot state what the technical reason is. I would like to personally thank you along with HTC in having patience with this update, it was not something that was to happen and HTC had planned on the update being on your phone sometime ago. I hope that your image of HTC, our handsets and our support have not diminished while you have been an HTC customer. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1300 482 482. Our business hours are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm SYDNEY Time, from Mondays to Saturdays and close on Public Holidays. Thank you and kind regards.

    1. I just bought an HTC Hero just last week from Sprint. I was very surprised that it didn't have the latest OS build already installed. Sounds like you guys have been waiting for ver 2.1 for awhile now. Anyway I had an Instinct before so this HTC Hero is just great. There is absolutely no comparison! I feel like I just came out of the stone age!

  5. I think the smart thing to do is to diss the Hero and go for an iPhone. After getting burnt twice from HTC, this will definitely be the last HTC purchase from me, EVER.. Good luck all..

    1. I am with LostFaithHero. I wanted to be use android and bought HTC hero even though I love IPhone. After looking at the apps ( their apperance and performance) , not able to get OS updates, its a no brainer that apple is doing their job well and they know what they are doing.

      I am thinking of going back to IPhone. IPhone just works.

      1. @ LostFaithHero

        Well, you got your 2.1 update after all, so why complain? We, Samsung Galaxy 7500 users didn't get anything…

        As I think at this moment, no Samsung for me again.

  6. im real dissapointed with the htc hero. i bought mine & the bluetooth dont work, cant see other phones apart from fello htc’s. never been a big fan of the iphones as they look too big & bulky but personally think i will get an iphone next time. soz htc but u get a big thumbs down on this one :(

  7. Been using mine for months now. Only thing I dont like is like Motorola phones, you have to be careful around water with this phone. My prior LG could get splashed on and still work fine.

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