Nova And Apex Launchers Get Major Updates; Google Play Books Updated As Well

Last night, three popular apps in the Play Store got major updates. First, Nova Launcher got a major update that brings some Jelly Bean related launcher features to Ice Cream Sandwich users, along with an reduction in APK size, performance improvements, more Butter, lower RAM usage and overall smoother operation.

The whole change-log of the update is below -:

Since 1.3.0
Fix preview screen
Misc minor fixes
Since 1.2.2
Jellybean launcher features (Works with ICS)
-Desktop automatically rearranges to fit
-Long-press then fling to delete items
-Project butter related enhancements
Import from other launchers
Custom drawer grid size
Uninstall on quick menu
Performance improvements
– Smoother scrolling
– Faster load
– Reduction of memory usage
– Reduction of APK size

Apex Launcher, another popular launcher and a great alternative to Nova Launcher, also got a similar update. The update adds similar features as the Nova update, including some JB goodies for ICS users.

Rebuilt based on JB launcher (works on ICS too)
* Desktop items automatically re-arrange to fit
* Long press and fling to remove items
* Performance boost for homescreen and drawer
New features
* Option to switch to tablet UI
* Custom drawer grid settings
* Activity animation options
Other improvements and bugfixes
* Improved vertical drawers
* Custom widget picker (requires JB or root)
* Unlimited drawer tabs (pro)
* Fixed paid themes under JB
* Many misc. bugfixes
* Updated translations

Lastly, Google released a major new update to Play Books bringing lots of new features, and stability improvements for certain devices.

Added highlighting, notes, dictionary, “Places” info cards, translation, sepia mode, and sliding page-turn. Fixed crashes on launch on certain devices including HTC Wildfire.


In “Flowing Text” books, you can tap & hold to select some text and then
– Highlight
Add notes
– Translate
– See definition in dictionary info cards
– See a map and Wikipedia snippet in “Places” info cards, if the selected text is a place.

The update should definitely make the reading experience of Nexus 7 users a lot better and enjoyable.

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