Nokia’s Ovi Store Live

Nokia Launched Ovi store in Australia on Nokia E75 on the Australian operator Vodafone. This seems to be a soft launch by Nokia. They are trying to test the new Software and maybe eradicate the kinks in it, before the final roll out.

From nokia Blog What’s happening is that the Ovi Store is moving to production servers, meaning that the Ovi Store is transitioning everything, testing things out, and even have a ton of folks on hand to follow the wind-up for the global commercial launch.

Ovi store is Nokia’s Content store for application, games, ringtone and more download location. Just like apple store for Iphone and iPod touch.


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How to download?

  • Open Download and choose Options > Refresh content
  • Open the Nokia Extra’s Category, here you should find an entry for Ovi Store
  • Download and install Ovi Store
  • Access Ovi Store as you would any other application (it’ll be in your Installations / My Extras or similar folder).

If you ask me, this is a big leap for Software developers. They can make their application available on the Ovi store and forget about marketing.

Currently Nokia is making this software available on many other countries and different operators. We would keep you updated on this list.

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