Nokia’s CEO Sends A Hard Hitting But True Memo To Its Employees

The Finnish giant – Nokia – has been continuously criticized since the last one year or so for its strategies and its choice of platform – Symbian. The company might be the market leader in terms of volume of handsets shipped, but the market share of the company is fast dwindling and so is its goodwill.

Last year, Nokia got a new CEO Stephen Elop and he promised that Nokia will bounce back in 2011. Rumors are also floating around that on the Capital Markets Day on Feb 11, Nokia will fire a boatload of top executives and may also announce a WP7/Android based smartphone.


Now, before the D-Day (Feb 11) when Elop will share the new strategy of Nokia with the whole world, he has sent all the employees of Nokia a very hard hitting but true memo. In the memo, Elop calls Nokia/Symbian a ‘burning platform’ and states that even after four years of the original iPhone being released to the public, Nokia has no answer to it. In the memo, he also states about the monumental growth of Android in the last two years and how the OS has managed to attract developers, hardware manufacturers and application developers, alike.

He also says that their low-end market share is being quickly gobbled up by the Chinese phone manufacturers. These Chinese companies are churning out new handsets in “the time that it takes us (Nokia) to polish a PowerPoint presentation.” In the end, Elop says that on Feb 11 he will share the new strategy of Nokia with the whole world which will help the company reclaim its market leadership and the confidence of the masses!

The full memo which Elop sent to the employees of Nokia can be found here. Hopefully, Elop will have a very good strategy in place to help the ‘burning platform’ – Nokia – regain its top spot in the mobile industry.

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