Nokia X1-00 Is A Entry Level Music Phone

Nokia just announced a new low-end phone aimed at music lovers around the globe the Nokia X1-00.

The X1-00 is made with music lovers in mind, and sports a loudspeaker rated 106phon. According to Nokia, 106phon is enough to rattle your window frames!


The phone also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, hardware keys to control to music playback, FM Radio and a microSD card slot, which supports up to 16GB memory cards. The handset also features a dedicated torch!

A special feature of the X1-00 is that it comes with five phonebooks. According to Nokia, the X1-00 might be shared between an entire family and even neighbors and thus five phonebooks will help them all save their contacts, separately.

The X1-00 runs on Symbian S30 which is enough to suffice to the basic needs of the people. The handset will hit the retail stores of some regions of the world by April. The handset should retail for around €34 before taxes and subsidies.

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Rajesh Pandey

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