Nokia’s Windows Phone – Sea Ray, Leaked On Video
By on June 23rd, 2011

Just about 48 hours ago Nokia unveiled Nokia N9 the first and only Meego powered device to hit the market. Surprisingly, Nokia N9 generated enough positive reviews that Nokia might have felt the heat about their February 11 decision.


Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, showcased a fully baked Nokia Windows Phone handset at a keynote. Elop asked the crowd to put away their camera as he was about to unveil super confidentialhandset codenamed Sea Rayand he did not want the handset to appear on the Blogosphere. Of course, people present at the keynote recorded the entire keynote and guys at managed to upload the video on YouTube for us.

The device is identical to Nokia N9 but comes with an additional Hardware button on the sides probably for shutter release. Besides that, the different LED placement also indicates it’s not the same device as the Nokia N9.


The device has no three hardware buttons (Home, Search and Back) only three buttons on the side.



Nokia Sea Ray will run on Microsoft’s newly released Windows Phone version Mango. This, of course, is not a leak but Stephen Elop just wanted to push out the news that Nokia is almost ready with their first Windows Phone handset.

Check out the video where Stephen Elop unveils Nokia Sea Ray:

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