Nokia to Unveil Windows Phone 7 Devices on August 17?

After ditching Symbian and MeeGo to go with Windows Phone 7, Nokia has been working with Microsoft for months now. With Nokia’s support and low cost production expertise, Microsoft has a chance to go mass market with Windows Phone 7. It might even have a shot at dethroning Android as the king of smartphones in a few years.

The Nokia Sea Ray, presumably Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 device was leaked about a month ago. It is identical to the Nokia N9, which received a lot of positive feedback.

Today, Unwired reported that Microsoft and Nokia are holding a joint event at this month’s GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. Since it’s a joint event, held by Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows Phone division, it doesn’t take Sherlock to deduce that we might see an official unveiling of the first Windows Phone 7 device by Nokia.

Android has been gaining market share at the expense of Symbian. It controls close to 50% of the worldwide smartphone market now. Nokia’s smartphone market share has been declining rapidly, thanks to the Android invasion and the tremendous growth of iOS. The move to Windows Phone 7 is regarded as its ‘Hail Mary’ move by many analysts. It will decide the future of Nokia in the coming months.

Here’s the invite to the event:

Nokia Microsoft Event

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