Nokia Will Be Making A Windows Phone?

Nokia is the leader of the mobile industry in the world. All this time, Nokia didn’t used any other OS instead of Symbian. But this leaked presentation states that Nokia could be making a phone with Windows Phone 7 OS.

nokia presentation

In this leaked presentation, Windows has been mention as an OS on which Nokia will be working, along with S40, Symbian and Maemo. Well, this doesn’t prove the fact that Nokia will be making a Windows 7 phone, but it does creates an open space for possibilities.

We all know that Nokia and Microsoft earlier joined their hands for implementing Microsoft’s services in Nokia phones. So, making a Windows phone could also have been included in their deal. We can just wait and see what comes.


  • Harry V

    You are both right and wrong… And you are right when you say you are wrong :-)

    Nokia is obviously NOT making a Windows Mobile Phone. As you know the company did release the Booklet 3G in September '09, and the idea is to make OVI available in as many platforms as possible, i.e. with the common UI framework to be supportive of OVI across both mobile as well as desktop platforms. It doesn't confirm that Nokia is making a Windows phone. Then again Nokia is not known to surprise us anymore right?