Nokia W7 and W8 Leaked; The First Windows Phone 7 Smartphones by Nokia

Nokia announced that it will be adopting Windows Phone 7 as its primary smartphone OS months back, but we still don’t have details about any of the new Windows Phone 7 smartphones which Nokia is supposedly working on.

Today, Eldar Murtazin let out some details about the upcoming Nokia models. Nokia is reportedly working on the Nokia W7 and the Nokia W8.

The Nokia W7 will be similar to the HTC Mozart and will be modeled after the Nokia X7. It has the same design and chassis but comes with a better WVGA display. It is powered by the Qualcomm QSD8250 chipset and will come with an 8 MP camera. It will likely be the first Nokia smartphone with Windows Phone 7 and will be launched by the end of 2011.

Nokia W7

The Nokia W8 is the second rumored Windows Phone 7 device. It will be the most powerful Windows Phone 7 device when it launches and will be modeled after the Nokia N8. It will have the same camera as the N8 and will come with a dual core Qualcomm processor and Adreno 320 GPU.

Besides these two phones, Nokia may also be working on two more WP7 devices. One of them will be a candybar QWERTY smartphone like the very popular E71. The other one will be a budget touchscreen phone with lower hardware specs and a low resolution camera. Apparently, Nokia plans to launch 16 Windows Phone 7 devices in 2012.

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  • shaelyn vandenhouten

    i luv nokias every phone i have ever had has been a nokia ans the lasted at least two years so you guys make yopu phones really well

  • Nokia always bring something unique and useful for mobile users, i think currently due to heavy competition, they are bringing up new advance features mobile phones in market.

  • satyam gaur

    now NOKIA needs to upgrade their handsets from symbian platform to android or windows…… now symbian is no more in the competition…its outdated now!…….so better they upgrade their handsets for better performance;)

  • who would be the best if compared with Nokia N8?
    i think, This is not much different from the N8, is’n it.

  • who would be the best if compared with Nokia N8?
    i think, This is not much different from the N8, isn’t it.

  • peterihimire

    i want to know if, symbian phones can accept windows phone 7 applications