Nokia to put RADAR on Phones?

NRC (Nokia Research Center) has unvield  a brand new technology in the Demo House 2010 Research Exhibition held in Espoo, Finland. Apparently, mobiles can have RADARs!

This technology basically enables mobiles to track the speed and direction of moving objects. The device needs an active radar sensor for this though. It employs electro-magnetic waves to produce some kind of mobile wireless sensing.

If this technology really came to life, it could very well be the next big phone revolution. We would be enjoying a horde of new features like gesture support, better games and security. There’s no limit to what we might have.

NRC is not clear with all the details but looking at the video, it fels like Nokia is mostly done with this product.

The Demo House 2010 Research Exhibition is a joint effort by Aalto University, NRC (Nokia Research Center) and Technical Research Center of Finland.

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Arnaw Kumar

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