Nokia To Bring OVI Maps to Android?


In an interview with Austrian national newspaper Die Presse, Nokia’s general manager for the Alps and South East Europe, Greig Williams, when asked if Ovi Maps could come to Android or Windows Mobile, he simply replied That will be the next step.

From the reports, even though Smartphone sales jumped tremendously in the last quarter of 2009, Nokia’s handset shares in the market dropped by 2%. We guessed this made Nokia try out out of the box stuff. Just last month Nokia made OVI Maps turn by turn navigation free of cost. Now this seems a little odd. If Nokia wants to gain back its lost glory, how would they if they offer exclusive features to other OS. And even if Nokia plans to give away its first even seamlessly working client for free to Android and Windows Phone/Mobile, does it mean Nokia might get into Android/Windows Mobile phone business? Now that would be interesting.

Also, what about its other millions of OS (Meego and Maemo) they are simultaneously working on?

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