Nokia To One Up Apple With New Phone/Tablet on January 26th?

Nokia has been having lot of troubles with Apple, with lawsuits flying thick and fast between both these competitors. At today’s Nokia event, where the new free turn-by-turn navigation was announced for Ovi Maps (coming next week for Nokia N97), Nokia’s UK boss Mark Loughran confirmed to Pocket-lint about the introduction of a new device on January 26th.

Nokia vs Apple

Not much detail about the device was revealed though, since Nokia’s PR staff had to jump in to stop Loughran from revealing the juicy bits. However, the new device should definitely be a touchscreen phone or tablet which could rival the Apple Tablet that is to be announced at the Apple Event on January 27th.

Considering that Apple never disappoints users, it will be a huge task for Nokia to produce a dream device which can help them one-up Apple. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see the battle get out of the courts, after all it gets the consumers excited and more choices.

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