Nokia Will Ditch Symbian on N-Series Devices: MeeGo Only From Now On

Symbian It’s no secret that Symbian has been struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving smart phone market. In fact, Symbian was turning out to be Nokia’s Achilles’ heel. Now, it appears that Nokia has finally decided to move on.

According to CNET, Nokia N8 will be the last N-series phone from Nokia to run on Symbian. This means that from now onwards, we will be seeing Symbian only in the mid-range handsets belonging to the E-series, X-series and C-series.

If you are a Symbian fan, there is no need to be disappointed. The development of Symbian will continue and we will definitely see new devices running on Symbian^3 and (the yet to be released) Symbian^4. This could turn out to be a win-win situation for everyone. With Symbian onboard, Nokia will have an upper hand over its competitors in the feature phone segment, while MeeGo will allow it to become competitive in the smartphone arena.

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