Nokia Software Updater Supports Windows 7

Nokia Software Updater (NSU), is a Windows software, which allows users to update the Firmware of their Nokia devices from their desktop.

Nokia Software Updater with Windows 7 Support

Nokia recently released a newer version of the Nokia Software Updater v2.4.3, close on the heels of Firmware updates for the Nokia 5800, Nokia N900, Nokia N86 and the Nokia E72. In addition to that, the firmware update also includes improve USB connectivity with devices.

The new NSU supports both 32-bit and 64-bit installations, and may also work on Mac and Linux running Windows emulators. Users must note that this update is a beta release and not a final version. The Nokia Software Updater can be downloaded as a standalone application and does not require users to download the full Nokia PC Suite or Ovi Suite.

Download Nokia Software Updater

6 thoughts on “Nokia Software Updater Supports Windows 7”

  1. gng for this …it was a big headache for me as i am using windows 7 and couldnt update …thanks a lot actual review will write later

  2. I registered twice but why i could not enter to site yet?
    I got the message~ sorry ~
    why it need to register if I can not use it?
    I wanted just to download the only one application but for a more hour i could not yet!!!

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