Nokia Shuts Down N-Gage Gaming


Today, Nokia announced that they would be shutting down the doors to publish new games on the N-Gage gaming platform. All the new games will be now submitted to the OVI store.

You can still purchase games from the N-Gage platform until September 2010, but you won’t find any new games on The OVI store will now become the new hub for the games. Currently there are more than a thousand games available in the OVI Stores, published by developers from over 65 countries, which are supported by 100 Nokia devices. The feature that we would miss from N-Gage platform is the community system. Nokia mentions that it would try to integrate community feature in the OVI Stores in the near future. So, the games that you purchased would be fully functional on your N-Gage game compatible device but the community feature will be disabled after September 2010.

Nokia will continue to sell devices with N-Gage application pre-installed for some time. However, we will no longer ship new devices with the application pre-installed.

A few popular games from OVI Store:

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