Nokia Sells Off Qt Licensing To Digia

With what would seem to be a consequence of the Microsoft and Nokia partnership, Digia will be acquiring the Qt commercial licensing business from Nokia. Trolltech, the original company of Qt, was acquired by Nokia in 2008 and Qt became the main cross-platform development environment for Nokia. All existing and new commercial customers for Qt licensing will be handled solely by Digia who strive to ensure continuity of the development of desktop, embedded (mobile) and any new models that may arise. Nokia will continue with in-house development for Qt as it is an important technology for Nokia and it is critical that Qt’s growth and success can continue.says  Sebastian Nystrom, who is the Vice President, Head of MeeGo, Qt and WebKit at Nokia. Similar to when Nokia took control of Qt, many in the open source community were concerned about the future, many today are very concerned about how much Nokia will continue to invest in the open source project, especially seeing that they now have an alliance to produce Windows Phone devices with Microsoft. Many open source community projects, such a KDE, depend on Qt in order to continue shipping software to consumers and developers back in 2008 Nokia and Trolltech did future proofthe development of Qt by including the abilities of the KDE Free Qt Foundation to unilaterally release the latest source of Qt under a BSD license in the event that an open source version was ever ceased the poison pill.

Digia is set to take over roughly 3,500 desktop and embedded licensed customers who are currently using Qt as well as any new licensees. Harri Paani, Senior Vice President of Digia stated in the press release that they are excited to extend our Qt business to serve new customersand that they look forward to driving further the evolution of Qt by bringing in new features and services.

More information is available at the Nokia Qt Blog as well as the official acquisition press release available from Digia.