Nokia Says Symbian is here to stay


Nokia made an interesting decision on 11th February to adopt Windows Phone 7 as their primary strategy. Obviously this meant ditching Symbian. Nokia failed to innovate their smartphone OS over the period of time.

Vlasta Berka, general manager for Nokia Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei during the Nokia E7 launch said, “Just because we’re changing our direction in terms of smartphone platform, it doesn’t mean that the existing platform is completely broken. We still have obligations to our users, developers, business partners, and customers. Symbian is here to stay. Symbian will still be around, but it’s just going to go somewhere around the corner”

Nokia currently has around 200 million Symbian Smartphone users around the world and plans to ship 150 million Symbian handsets in coming months. Besides that, Nokia will also roll out updates for Symbian devices throughout the year. If the updates are going be anywhere like the rumored UI overhaul, I’m guessing Symbian owners would be happy to still stick by it.

Although, Nokia has mentioned about its plan to sell 150 million Symbian handsets in coming months to help transition from Symbian to Windows Phone, they won’t be manufacturing any new Symbian handsets. So basically telling us that Symbian is here to stay is just a straight forward lie? Or they meant that Symbian is here to stay until we sell those 150 million Symbian Smartphones?

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