Nokia’s Roller Coaster Fortnight

Is AT&T Ready To Sell?

Not all was rosy though – there were reports about how some AT&T sales reps were still pushing people to get iPhones rather than the Lumia 900 even though the reporter specifically requested to get the Nokia phone. I personally went to two corporate stores and had no such experience, but the fact that it was even reported means the “training” that Nokia and Microsoft had promised to conduct with AT&T for their store personnel, was either not enough, or not completely rolled out. I was told by someone who is aware of AT&T’s plans that the actual promotions for the device at the stores would start on the following weekend, with employees dressed in Nokia shirts and so on.

Stock Slides

Later in the week came news that Nokia had issued a warning about missing expected numbers this quarter (Q1) and consequently, the stock took a huge hit. Along with the warning, Nokia said that they had sold 2 million Lumia devices (note, this of course does not include the Lumia 900, which only went on sale in Q2). 2 million is a decent number for one OEM but with about 850,000 activations per day, Android can do the same in about 3 days!

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