Nokia’s Roller Coaster Fortnight

Launch on Easter Sunday

As the date of the launch neared, the question arose about why the launch date was chosen to be Easter Sunday, when the corporate AT&T stores are (mostly) all closed. Considering that this was a significant launch for Nokia, it was really perplexing why they would have chosen to promote the launch day when most AT&T stores would not be open. Later, reasons provided included AT&T’s rituals of refreshing store designs for Spring on a certain day, and that their promos start on Sundays. Both of these reasons did not make sense, and certainly does not apply to iPhones which typically are available on Fridays. Another disadvantage of the strange choice of availability date and promotions, Nokia arranged for a massive concert in the middle of Times Square in New York on the Friday before the phone would be available to buy. So the thousands of people who saw the concert and were made aware of the phone, were left waiting for 2 days before they could actually get one. Bizarre.

Lumia 900 Sells Well, Rates Well

Finally, as the phone launches, there are reports about the high demand and that some stores start selling out both, the cyan and the black models. The two models consistently stay on top of the sales charts and top-rated lists. The sales charts, updated hourly, are still showing the two models at the top, a week after launch.

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