Nokia Releases Firmware Update For 6700 Classic Phone

Nokia released a firmware update for the S40 OS Nokia 6700 classic phone. The most highlighted addition via the update is the free, voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation. The S40 series phones were the only ones left out in the free navigation considering S60 phones.


The maps in the 6700 classic is also updated to verion-14. The update also improves the camera feature, for example, one step auto focus has been added. Also, the menu switching to landscape to portrait or vice-versa while taking photographs is added. The Bluetooth audio connections has been improved as well.

Overall, the new update for the 6700 classic improves performance and stability. The update can be downloaded from the local Nokia support site. The update is available in most regions and if it is not, then it will surely arrive within a week.